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Digital Shift, a quarterly service from Econsultancy, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking. This quarter’s update is brought to you by TikTok, Amazon robots and indoor drones, dark stores, virtual influencers and synthetic media.

Focused tightly on digital technologies, marketing and ecommerce, Digital Shift delivers actionable insight on trends that will be significant in the short- to mid-term, and can be used to generate new ideas, improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition.


  • The unstoppable rise of TikTok:The platform announced that over the summer months it passed the milestone of one billion active monthly users. With new innovations in ecommerce partnerships and ad formats, Shift poses the question: is TikTok becoming too big to ignore?
  • Amazon hardware and ‘phygital’:亚马逊正在继续探讨将数字技术集成在物理环境中的方式,包括智能冰箱,飞行家庭安全无人机,以及为“T商务”的潜在游戏变化的移动。
  • Shifting retail dynamics:Alibaba’s Freshippo supermarkets are a prime example of ‘new retail’ and the integration of digital capability into the omnichannel experience. With changes and challenges afoot in sustainability, profit and media dynamics and ‘q-commerce’, what else is in store for the rapidly evolving retail sector?
  • Synthetic media:With the advent of this ‘third evolutionary stage’ of media and the rise of virtual streamers and influencers, how can brands unleash the potential of synthetic media in their own marketing strategies?

As ever with Digital Shift, plenty of challenge but also plenty of opportunity.